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Growing your business with marketing, week 37: Shutting up

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

This is Week 37 of a 52-week project/experiment in DIY marketing. Armed with nothing but a copy of the 2009 Grow Your Business Marketing Plan + Calendar
and my bare wits, I'm applying the skills you need to grow a business
in real time, day by day, and reporting on them week by week. See the Project Companion Blog, A Virgo's Guide to Marketing, for in-depth posts, additional links and other marketing-related goodness.

One great thing about practicing your marketing everyday (other
than, we hope, getting better at it) is that after a while, you have
lessons thrown at you so many times, they become useful practice in
your everyday, working life.

Take shutting up, for example. Maybe I would have learned the lesson on my own time eventually, but constant marketing (which includes consistent networking) has given me a big sample of people who are Doing It Wrong, and probably moved me to apply smart behaviors to my own business faster.

Read the whole gory story on the Virgo Guide. And learn why, as every hack presenter loves to remind you, we have two ears and just one mouth.

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