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Growing Your Business with Marketing, Week 27: Accountability, flexibility and room

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

Hey, Chicago people! I'll be in the 'hood Friday, July 17 giving a workshop with Pam Slim on everything
you need to know to flee your hateful day job
. If previous meetups with me & Pam are any indication, it will ROCK.
Sign up now, and I'll see you then!

This is Week 27 of a 52-week project/experiment in DIY marketing. Armed with nothing but a copy of the 2009 Grow Your Business Marketing Plan + Calendar
and my bare wits, I'm applying the skills you need to grow a business
in real time, day by day, and reporting on them week by week. See my
companion blog, A Virgo's Guide to Marketing, for some more in-depth posts, additional links and other marketing-related goodness.

Well, the second half of 2009 already feels different than the first half, and it's only been a week.

Small joke, but really, there's more than a little truth to it.

For starters, if I was Q1/Q2 me, I'd be hyperventilating over all the things I did not get done thus far, as it would mean that:

  1. I am a failure
  2. I have a DOUBLE crap-ton left to do if I want to accomplish the goals I established for myself at the beginning of the year

Strangely, I neither feel like a failure nor am I fretting over the prospect of all I have to do if—and I do mean "if"—I want to meet the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the year. Instead, I'm pretty pleased that not only have I downshifted a bit, but that I've reordered my priorities and even bumped a few up to the head of the list that weren't on it at the start of the year. Like taking a full day off once per weekend and attending to uprooting and examining some crusty, old habits rather than spending that slice of time dreaming up new ones.

And what's really amazing is that in one week of focusing on this one-two punch, I've already made some significant progress not only on these crusty, old issues, but I've dreamed up a slew of ideas for re-focusing my business and for creating some stuff I can actually sell for cash money.

In short, if you're a Type-A who questions the ROI on downtime, I'm here to tell you, it's significant.

To read the nitty-gritty details on this week's adventures, scoot over to the Virgo Guide to Marketing (or hey, wait for that fabulous podcast!)

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