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Growing Your Business with Marketing, Week 22: Me-time in a crowded week

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

This is Week 22 of a 52-week project/experiment in DIY marketing. Armed with nothing but a copy of the 2009 Grow Your Business Marketing Plan + Calendar and my bare wits, I'm applying the skills you need to grow a business in real time, day by day, and reporting on them week by week. I do a topline analysis here, for people who like things short. See my companion blog, A Virgo's Guide to Marketing, for in-depth posts, additional links and other marketing-related goodness.

Coming off of a short week (last Monday was a holiday in the U.S.), I have a renewed appreciation for the value of both planning in general and the calendar in particular.

Maybe other people can organize things neatly in their heads and follow through perfectly in real life, but I find that "free" time ends up being very costly in terms of what I'm able to get done—or not, as the case may be.

I managed to get a good deal of "work-work" done this week, but I was a bit dismayed at how much of my regular, ongoing marketing work fell through the cracks. And let's just say that if I really was following the Veterans' Calendar to the letter, my email newsletter would not have launched! (Fortunately, I already have a pretty healthy one, and am learning how to better manage it as I go, thanks to the calendar and my greatest teacher, the experience of being up against the wall too many times, but still—no big, new project of my own got launched last week.)

Interested in finding out more about what I did and didn't do, and how I'm going to move forward? Check out the companion blog for the scoop…and please, leave tips, either there or here. I love helpful tips!

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