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Great copywriter Bob Bly on great copywriting niches

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Long-time Marketing Mentor client and well known direct response copywriter, Bob Bly, shares some some great tips for copywriters (and entrepreneurs in general) in this two-hour interview: the importance of writing articles for trade publications to promote yourself, how essential it is to find a niche.

In fact, one of the highlights of the interview is about 15 minutes into the recording where he answers the question: what are the best, most lucrative niches in copywriting today? Hint: direct response itself is a biggie, because, to paraphrase Bob, the majority of people who go into advertising do it to be on Madison Avenue and write the next Super Bowl commercial, while there’s a whole world of direct marketing that needs good writers.

Link to the Bob Bly interview by Michael Senoff here; lots of other great interviews on the site, as well.

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