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Got my first client from cold calling!

Posted by Deidre Rienzo on

Welcome to Week 29 of my adventure of following the Start Up Version of the Grow Your Business Marketing Plan + Calendar.  In my posts, I talk about my voyage down the road of self-employment as a virtual marketing assistant, my achievements and roadblocks along the way, and I include a weekly recap at the end.

I just got my first client from cold calling!  I called him last week, he said he might have some projects we could work on – he called back and voila!  I’m thrilled to say that cold calling really does produce results.  Real, live, clients and actual business!

I also took a look at my cold calling results so far.  I've called 25 prospects in total.  I have 10 good prospects (who have received my rates and samples) and one great client! 

Every call is a learning experience

I’m also learning that every call is a learning experience – a way for you to understand your prospects better. 

One of the people I called joked with me about how I needed to sound more confident in my last sentence.  (Where I ask if my services are something they might need.)

Accordingly, I’m changing my last sentence to, “if that’s something you’re interested in, I’d love to send my rates and examples over.”  She also recommended joining SEMPO NY, and suggested a book I might find useful called Persuasive Online Copywriting, by Brian Eisenberg.  (And also mentioned his blog at

So, every call is not only a chance to get new business, but also to learn and grow.

People are finding me!

In the last 10 days, 7 people (who were interested in my VMA services) found me online (Google, Biznik, or here at the Marketing Mix) and got in touch.  Three of them are excellent prospects and we are talking about working together.  I referred the others, who weren’t great fits for me, to VA’s I met on Biznik.

I also got a new client from a referral!

Happiness in my office

I added a palm tree, a ficus, and a lavender plant to my office – and they are making me very happy.  The lavender smells delicious.  Although plants aren’t directly getting me new business, they are helping by making me smile and creating a delightful working environment.

Week 29 Recap:  I’m still working on the text for my new website copywriting website.  It’s almost there.  Then I need to work on getting the site up.  After that, I need to start a newsletter.  This process is moving a bit slowly but I’m getting there.  And since I’m not beating myself up anymore – it’s all good!

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