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Got a hammer? Need some nails?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Growing a business is all about the tools. Sometimes these tools come in the form of support, accountability, or guidance.

Sometimes, they come in a form that you can actually see or touch. That’s why we have the Marketing Mentor Toolbox where we offer the tangible tools that can help you grow your creative business. Here’s a Toolbox update:

* It’s your last chance to get the Ridiculous Deal of the Month for March, 31 Tips & Tricks: Starting Out For New Entrepreneurs. This downloadable PDF is only $4.99 until Monday, and will give you insight into networking, word of mouth, keeping your prospect pipeline full, keeping in touch with your prospects, and more. Details here.

* If you think you should be picking up the phone but just aren't sure what to say, Cold Calling: Overcoming Your Reluctance (from Creative Business) will help. (It’s the most popular report in the Creative Business Corner at Marketing Mentor Toolbox.)

* 2nd Quarter isn’t too late to start. With the Start Anytime Marketing Plan + Calendar, you can start your marketing “anytime,” and that means now! If you need a guide to keep you on track, this is it.

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