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Goals + results from my CreativeLive course

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Bryan as student

I always advise clients to focus on a market, and go where their market is. That’s exactly why I gave the CreativeLive course, Command the Fees You Deserve. But you can’t just go—you need to have goals—and you need to track them! Here are my goals (and results) from CreativeLive:

  • Goal #1 – Sell the product. I don’t know the number yet, but with great reviews like this, I think the course will do well.
  • Goal #2 – Build my list. I recommend clients create a useful freebie as an incentive to get prospects’ email addresses—and I did just that with the Xtra Goodies Bundle. So far, 800 people have signed up. (My goal was 500.)
  • Goal #3—Schedule free mentoring sessions. My goal is to do 25 sessions per month (because 25% usually convert to actual clients). So far, because of CreativeLive, I’ve scheduled 75 sessions.

What does this mean for you? Find whatever the CreativeLive equivalent is for your market, go there, and set goals! I practice what I preach because this stuff works. If you need help, sign up for my complimentary mentoring session.

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