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Get Your LinkedIn Profile in Shape for the New Year

Posted by Ilise Benun on


Is your LinkedIn profile ready for 2017?

Or have you not looked at it in a while — maybe too long?

Now is the perfect time to get it up to date, because networking is the most effective marketing strategy and LinkedIn is one of the simplest and most effective tools for building & nurturing your network.

In a new presentation, Get Your LinkedIn Profile in Shape for the New Year, I outline 8 best practices to make sure your profile is ready to connect.

  1. Use your LinkedIn profile to reinforce your targeted positioning and your niche so when your best prospects land there, they say, “this is exactly who we need.” (See how Stephanie Helline does that here.)
  2. Make sure your title (or headline) — the #1 most important element of your profile, conveys clearly what you do and for whom. Feel free to use slashes and hyphens to make the most of that small space. (See how Wendy Wood does that here.)
  3. Use a photo or headshot that is professional and friendly. Illustrators can use it as a portfolio piece.
  4. Speak directly to your best prospects in your summary, using “you” as much as possible, so they know that you understand their market and their needs. (See how Karen McElmoyle does that here.)
  5. Use “calls to action” to tell them what to do. Don’t assume they will think of the best next step without being prompted. (See how Amy Posner does that here.)
  6. Litter your profile with keywords (a.k.a. your specialties) to take advantage of how people use LinkedIn as a professional search engine. (See how Rebecca Bauer Ritz does that here.)
  7. Give recommendations and endorsements. You’ll be surprised how much more willing your clients will be to give them to you. (More on that here.)
  8. Repost material from your blog to show what you know and support your positioning. (See how Laura Foley does that here.)

I share lots more examples in detail in my new Excellent Examples Series. You’ll find LinkedIn profiles for designers, copywriters & content strategists and agency owners, and much more….

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