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Get Two for One: Me and Bob Bly

Posted by Ilise Benun on


Copywriting master, Bob Bly and I have worked together for many years. And we tend to disagree on a lot of things…which is what makes our recent tele-seminar series, “Secrets of Starting and Running a Successful Copywriting Business — Revealed at Last,” something you can’t afford to miss.

I consider Bob’s perspective to be very rooted in the basics and time-tested techniques. While his approach may be a little “old school,” it works. He’s been running an incredibly successful copywriting business for 35+ years.

My perspective adds some current thinking and techniques. I know what works for my clients in today’s landscape.  In this new program, Bob and I bring these two perspectives together, which is now available for sale for just $197. (The live program was $1,297!)

In fact, one attendee to the live series wrote, “The material you have provided is, as with all your stuff, current and comprehensive.  The interaction with Ilise provided a dimension to the training which is extremely beneficial as well.  Having two strong-willed individuals discuss points on which you agree, and especially disagree, is much more powerful than only having one point of view.”

This program consists of 7 tele-seminars (with complete transcripts) and much more.

Bob guarantees that after doing this training, you will know everything you need to launch yourself as a freelance copywriter and quickly build a six-figure annual income. Including:

>> How to become a successful freelance copywriter even if you are a total newbie.

>> The most important step in getting started: picking the right copywriting niche.

>> How to prospect so potential clients call you almost immediately.

>> Knowing what to charge for sales letters, ads, and dozens of other copywriting assignments.

>> How to give clients quotes, estimates, and proposals that get them to hire you.

And that’s not all! Along with the seminars, you also get these 5 FREE Bonus Gifts (valued over $400):

  • ** FREE Bonus #1: The Creative Professional’s Marketing Plan + eCalendar to Get the Work You Want (list price: $49).
  • ** FREE Bonus #2: The Copywriter’s Toolkit: All the Forms, Checklists, Model Documents, and Other Tools You Need to Succeed as a Freelance Copywriter (list price: $79).
  • ** FREE Bonus #3: Package Pricing Bundle (list price: $99).
  • ** FREE Bonus #4: Pick a Niche Kit (list price: $79).
  • ** FREE Bonus #5: How to Start and Run a Successful Copywriting Business transcripts(value: $99).

Participants in the live tele-seminar said:

“I was especially struggling with prospecting and pricing and you took that uncertainty away, clearly showing how to begin…My thanks to both of you, the program was a worthy investment and I am equipped to push ahead with writing copy for a living.” -Anita Wells

 “It is amazing to get this access and direction. I’m so glad you two chose to collaborate to offer this opportunity. Thank you!” -David Pederson

Experience the insights and results for yourself.

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