Get help with your business and help kids learn

Via one of my Breakfast Network contacts, I just found out about an interesting program through which businesses can get administrative assistance while also helping high school kids learn about the business world. They are currently looking for 21 businesses in NY who need help. If you’re not in New York, you can find out about the other programs around the country here.

Cristo Rey High School’s Corporate Work Study Program enables economically disadvantaged students to earn a private, college preparatory education by working in entry-level clerical positions at some of New York City’s finest institutions. The New York Times and 60 Minutes have celebrated our schools as a private-public collaboration that works – not as a handout, but as a hand-up – as our extensively-trained, continually-supported students job-share to cover your clerical needs Monday through Friday, nine to five, September through June. You simply pay for services you need and a job well done – and in turn provide access to education for a host of deserving young people who would otherwise have little chance either to transcend or transform their daily reality. For more information, contact Giovanna Slon at or