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Get dressed, get the animals, grab my flash drive…

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I woke up at 5am yesterday to what sounded like a fire alarm going off in a building nearby. It wasn’t my building, but it was close, and I sat for a few minutes thinking about what to do if I had to evacuate. My first thought was that I needed to put pants on. Second, I would grab the animals. I thought of what else I would need. My flash drive with the latest back up? Then I wondered if I were actually evacuating, and not just sitting around thinking about it, would I actually grab my flash drive? Probably not. The pants and animals would be my main priorities.

Then I remembered that I wouldn’t need to grab my flash drive — because thankfully I back up to Mozy at the end of every day. Even though I also back my files up on-site, it’s nice to have an off-site backup too. If you want to back up your computer files online, I highly recommend Mozy as it provides much peace of mind. You can try it free, and plans start as low as $4.99 per month. Check it out here. (If you sign up, enter this referral code: 3CJGB0.)

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