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From vision to HOW Design Live reality.

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Four years later, what started for Crystal Reynolds as a tangible element missing from her 2011 HOWLive experience, has grown into a full-fledged creative concept, the myNote, which has been distributed to all 3000+ attendees at this year’s HOW Design Live! Pretty much, Crystal saw a need, filled that need, and the concept has grown exponentially.

The idea was to encapsulate the energy and inspiration from the event into one publication that also had space for each person to write in their own notes and thoughts or ideas they garnered from attending. Half publication, half notebook.

In her blog post about myNote, Crystal writes:

In reflection this opportunity to expand my own vision has only been possible because of:

  1. Doing the work. Being inspired by fellow creatives professionals and speakers I have met over the years. I learned that they have all succeeded because they have simply done the WORK. I found an inner belief in my concept that was met with approval and support of those who experienced the vision.
  2. Taking the risks. It is always a challenge to put your own creative “baby” out in the world. We all know that we wear our creative hearts on our sleeve. Learning that even with failure, we find growth and direction.
  3. Creating a solid proposal. An idea and concept can only get you so far. You need to invest the time into creating a proposal on paper that properly visualizes your idea. Learning that not everyone is as visionary as yourself, helping them to see the concept gives weight to the idea.
  4. Engaging with professional connections. Realizing that we are not islands. It is through word of mouth and collaboration that ideas grow. When I came up with my concept I talked about it to anyone who seemed interested and my enthusiasm for the idea seemed to be taken up by people who could see the potential.

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We are here in Chicago, getting informed and inspired (with our myNotes)! Follow what’s happening:

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