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Friday = Make a change to your own site

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you’re following the new 2013 Creative Professionals Marketing Plan + eCalendar, so far this week you’ve researched, prospected, created content and followed up.

Today, you’re going to refresh or update your website—which has so many benefits. It keeps your site informative and current for your audience, and it also keeps you fresh and appealing to the search engines. Spend a few minutes updating your website:

• Add a testimonial
• Add a new project to your portfolio
• Tweak your contact form
• Develop a page of “packages” for your services page
• Add to and/or reorganize your client list
• Add your email newsletters to your site
• Add something to your bio
• Add resources for your clients/prospects/markets

By spending 30 minutes a day, each week, you’ll get the clients you want, and the projects you want. It’s not too late to start shaping your 2013 by doing one simple marketing task each day. Get the 2013 Creative Professionals Marketing Plan + eCalendar here.

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