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Freelancer Reaches 5 Year Goal in 6 Months!

Posted by Ilise Benun on

It was on Dec 20, 2012 — almost exactly 6 months since CFC 2012 and almost exactly 6 months until CFC 2013 (June 22-24, 2013) – that package designer, Jenn David Connolly of Jenn David Design, told me she had already surpassed the 5 year goal she had set for herself and her firm when we met at CFC 6 months ago.

At the time, she was working from home and had a team of freelancers she pulled in when necessary but was doing most everything herself. Today she and her team of 4 (a project manager, 2 designers and a part time freelancer) are working from a larger studio environment. And she’s looking to grow from there. Congrats are in order!

If you attended CFC 2012, you might remember Jenn from the 5-minute talk she did called “It’s not for the money, honey.” Well, this year it just might be for the money.

By then, she had already been running her business as a solopreneur for 10 years. There had been growing pains between years 5-8 as she was unsure if she wanted to stay solo and small. Finally she decided to grow. “I wanted a small studio with a couple employees. I thought that vision was 5 years off. Then I went to CFC and made the decision to do it now because I was frustrated with the work flow. I was feeling overwhelmed all the time. The quality of the work was starting to suffer and if I didn’t take action, I knew it would get worse.”

Her stated goal last June: “I wanted to grow beyond just me….” But she wasn’t sure how. That’s why she went to CFC. “Attending CFC was really the jumping off point for all this. Everything I learned there I soaked in like a sponge, from speakers and from attendees.”

Listen to the podcast to find out exactly what she learned and how she took the leap of faith to grow.


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