Freedom vs. Online Poker

This morning, the King Kong of motivation smacked me upside the head.  

I received a phone call from a recruiter named Mark.  (When I first arrived in Ireland, I sent my resume out.)  Mark asked what I was doing for work, and it felt so good telling him that I was "self-employed."  Then he told me about a job opening for an online poker company (online poker, come on!) 

Just as I was thinking, "never in a million years!" he told me the salary.  Oh the salary. For a moment I was blinded by the Dollar (Euro) signs and nearly ran out the door wearing nothing but poker chips. I was suddenly Red from the Shawshank Redemption.  I was out on parole, but I was longing for the protection and safety of the jail cell.  

It's clear that I have two choices.  Go back to the 9-5 (shackled to the desk with golden handcuffs) or commit myself entirely to following this plan and growing my business.
One option is easier and less scary, that's for sure.  And one is far more rewarding. 

After Mark told me the salary of this job, I momentarily forgot all the reasons why I want to make my own business a success.  I asked myself what motivates me.  My motivation is:

  • Freedom.  In 2008, I was able to spend 50 days in NY with my family, 2 weeks in California and a long weekend in Zurich. Working for yourself (and having a laptop) can really give you wings.
  • Doing things on my time.   
  • The sky is the limit.  There is unlimited potential for growth.
  • The feelings of personal success.  Working for another company never gave me those.
  • Loving what I'm doing!  What's more important than that?

I've decided–and I'm more certain than ever.  Red made it to Mexico with its sunny skies and crystal clear water, and I will too.  I'M GOING TO DO THIS.  Now that I have a clear vision of my other option, I'm going to work even harder.

With this in mind, I've written my goals: 

  1. Triple my income in 2009 (Triple sounds like a lot, but I have a low starting point.)
  2. Never have to work for an online poker company (or at any other ridiculous job that I don't want)
  3. Be out of bed by 8am (standing up and climbing back in does not count!)
  4. Think less, do more! 
  5. Follow this plan, share my victories and my struggles, and make a dedicated effort to help others succeed as well

Week 1 Recap: At the close of week 1 I've organized my contacts (all 40 of them!) into a basic spreadsheet and I've picked my market, (marketing consultants).  This week I'm going to explore these groups: American Marketing Association, The Consultants Bureau, & Marketing Institute of Ireland. With organization in mind, I also did some extra credit.  I organized my passwords into an excel spreadsheet because if I click on the "forgot my password" link one more time, I'm going to go nuts.  The less time I spend looking for passwords and aggravating myself is more time to get work done.

Ok fellow Start Uppers!  Tell me your goals, the market you've chosen, and what motivates you! We're on to week 2, let me hear you roar!