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Five essential tools for creating your marketing machine

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Yesterday, Peleg and I gave the second in a series of 4 webinars on Growing Your Business From Your Desktop.

This one covered the 5 best marketing tools you can use to create your own Marketing Machine, which is basically the system that will keep your pipeline full of prospects, rain or shine, and ultimately prevent the "feast or famine syndrome."

Those 5 tools are: Networking, Cold Calling, Email Marketing, A Marketing-Smart Web Site and Promotional Materials and Samples. And they’re the "best" because they’re inexpensive and they work well together, supporting each other and creating a strong impression on your target market.

We’re fleshing these ideas out in our new book, A Designer’s Guide to Marketing and Pricing, (already available for pre-order from Amazon here.)

This all started with a 2006 article I wrote for HOW Magazine called (curiously) "How to Create Your Own Marketing Machine."

I’ll send you a copy of that article if you email me (ilise [at] marketing-mentor [dot] com) and put "5 Tools" in the subject line.

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