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First quarter is over…but these trends are here to stay.

Posted by Ilise Benun on


It’s the beginning of second quarter. Have you been marketing? If so, have you really taken time to consider not only the present, but the future of your marketing?

Now is a great milestone to regroup, refocus, and start again if necessary.

In this post, Alex Tachalova reached out to 30 marketing gurus and included tips from 54 experts (of whom I’m one) to create this all-encompassing post:
Digital Marketing Trends That Are Here to Stay: 2016’s Predictions Revisited

12 topics are covered, including marketing tactics, SEO, mobile, social media and more.

About marketing tactics, I said:

People need to get comfortable with going live and being “human” and imperfect. So many businesses want to present perfection and this stops them from marketing their services effectively.

About marketing tactics, Roberto Blake (who is presenting Cutting Through the Noise: Social Media for Creatives at HOWLive) said:

We’ll see a dramatic shift in practicality, with people focusing on revenue generating activities in the digital marketing space in terms of small businesses, individuals and even marketing professionals. You always need to have a plan for how to monetize your content and what is going to be your overall ROI and value proposition. You have to know what your content marketing strategy is and how it adds to your pipeline. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing it.

About content marketing, Chris Marr said:

Content marketing needs to be a cultural thing within an organization, something that the whole organization takes on, otherwise it will hold a lot of businesses back.

Are you on the right track for the second quarter? See all the tips and predictions here.

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