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First-hand guide to getting web design projects galore

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Most of the marketing stuff out there is meant for corporations which makes it hard to implement for small business web designers. Kenn Schroder’s guide, Web Design Clients Galore, is very personable and easy to read with the nuts and bolts of building for succeeding in your practice.

One key point in his book that I love is the advice on specialization. Designers have got to realize that you can't be everything to everything to everyone and the sooner you focus, the sooner you'll be successful.

EbookIn Kenn's new guide, he offers freelance web designers, developers, and site-building professionals the tools to get a constant supply of high-paying web design projects through his own, first-hand experience. He says:

It was simply flipping things around. All I did was approach my business from the client’s point of view. I created services that were based on client’s needs.

• I spoke about what I did in terms they wanted.
• I stopped talking about web design, HTML, graphics, etc.
• I figured out what keywords to focus my SEO on.

These are things I show you how to implement in the book. And as a result, I now enjoy:

• feeling secure that there’s income coming in the future.
• more time from less proposal and contract writing.
• less annoying administrative, accounting, and invoicing tasks.
• decreasing my marketing work to a few hours per month.
• getting all my clients from the Web. No in-person meetings.

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