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Find a job you love—or make one.

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In a recent NY Times article, Shane J. Lopez suggests that you can Hone the Job You Have Into One You Love.

He says:

Based on my study of a representative sample of more than 8,000 American workers collected by Gallup, people who love their jobs:

  • Use their strengths every day, as do their co-workers.
  • Feel that they are an important part of their organization’s future.
  • Are surrounded by colleagues who care about their overall well-being.
  • Are excited about the future because of a leader’s enthusiasm and vision.

Many of the self-employed creatives I know experience these positives too.

When it comes to bosses, Shane says: 

Making small changes in our daily activities can make a job more rewarding and engaging, but people who love their jobs also have bosses who inspire them, get the most out of them and truly care about them. That’s no accident. People who want the most from their work go boss-shopping. They may change shifts or make lateral moves in a company or industry to work for bosses who can become influential leaders in their lives.

Many of the self-employed creatives I know also have great relationships with their bosses (who happen to be themselves).

No matter your situation, whether you’re employed by a company or employed by yourself, you do have control over your satisfaction level when it comes to your work. It's all in the way you think about it, which you have complete control over.

What can you change in your mind to make your work life better?

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