Finally, a way to present yourself authentically online

IB in browser

What if you could have an online presence that showed all of who you are, not just your “professional” side?

You see, the thing about LinkedIn is that it’s a professional environment, perfect for everything about you (or me) that is work-related.

But that is also the problem. You may also want a place where you can share all of you — professional and personal.

That place is

It’s perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers looking to grow your audience and attract new clients.

Here’s what I like about

  • It doesn’t look like a resume. It gives you so much more freedom to present yourself the way you want to. Use your page to add authenticity to your personal brand by showcasing all of you – from your work to your passions.
  • It lets you point visitors to what you want them to do. You can highlight what’s spotlight2important to you and get people to take action with your Spotlight, a personal call-to-action. Your Spotlight can direct people to your portfolio, while your page and bio provide insight into your work ethic, design philosophy, and creative process. Right now, I’m promoting the Get Better Clients Bootcamp, so I’m using the “Attend my event” Spotlight.  As soon as that’s over, I’ll change it to something like “Listen to my podcast” to promote the Marketing Mentor Podcast.
  • It’s simple. is super simple to set up and helps people quickly learn more about who you are and what you do so you’ll get hired fast.
  • You can use your own name in the domain. I hope you own the URL for your name, because a professional presentation starts with your unique link. But even if you don’t, lets you professionally present who you are and what you do with one personalized link like,, or Having one link that points to your page makes it simple for people to find you, connect with you, and work with you. I recently pointed my URL to my new page
  • Use it in your email signature: Add context to your emails when you use your page as a personalized email signature. Make it easy for potential clients to learn more about you and see your work by adding your page to every email you send. With a personalized link in your signature, every email will look more professional.

Plus, you can get started for free! Go to and set yours up right now – there’s no reason to wait! Then send me the link.