Excellent Email Marketing Example (that worked on me!)

Yesterday I received this email message from a stranger – you might call it a cold email, although it was straight out of the warm email prospecting playbook – offering to help grow my online store.


I’ve spent the morning looking through your website and product offerings. I’m impressed! I love how you’ve doubled-down on teaching positioning to your customers (positioning is the word of the year for marketers, I think). 

I also noticed your Shopify store is “under maintenance”. I’m not sure what that means, but I help product and course creators like you increase product sales (and add lifetime customer value). 

Would you be interested in learning more?

He’s doing all the right things:

  • Flattering me.
  • Focusing on me — my web site and my product offerings and something he noticed on my web site – with almost nothing about him.
  • Emphasizing the potential results of his work, rather than the nuts ‘n bolts of what he does.

Plus, the subject line was blank! There’s nothing like nothing to get someone’s attention!

8-25-15 No subject line imageThat’s how this works – and it does work, even on me!

So I would be “interested in learning more….” and I’m inclined to respond.