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Exactly What to Say on the Phone: Part 2

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Yesterday, I talked about exactly what I say when reaching out to prospects during “prospecting hour.”

Today, I would like to share a few important tips I’ve learned along the way:

1: Your script doesn't have to be perfect the first time. Try out the initial version you come up with, call ten prospects, and see how it feels. If something sounds awkward when you say it, tweak the script before your next call or phone session.

2: You're not married to the script. If the call is going in a different direction from your carefully-structured pattern, go with it. It's also okay for you to change a word or two as you go…I find that my script sounds a little bit different each time. You can always work your way back to the talking points in your script later in the call. The script is just a tool to help you start the conversation.

3: Take a tip from the voice-over industry: try not to sound like you're reading a script. Imagine that you're having a casual conversation with a friend who has a need that you can provide the answer to (because if you're doing it right, that's what your relationship with this person will eventually be). I struggle with sounding natural…a lot of the time I feel like "Mr. Announcer" once I've launched into my spiel. You can train yourself to sound more natural by practicing with a friend, or by recording your voice as you test-drive the script. If you sound stilted or fake when you play the recording back, make adjustments so that you sound more like your natural self.

If you want to get back on the marketing "wagon" in a big way, I hear the new Marketing Mentor eCalendar is going to knock your socks off, laying out your marketing tasks (like prospecting hour) and integrating them right into your electronic calendar. I’ve been using the "Start Anytime" which I can highly recommend. (And no, Ilise didn't pay me to mention it.)

Here's one final resource for you–an online "cold calling tool" that has responses for nearly every objection you're likely to encounter. Use it as designed or as inspiration for writing your script:

Special thanks to Tom N. Tumbusch, who writes copy for green businesses and creative agencies. Learn more about him at

And be sure to sign up for the free webcast on November 1st, Start NOW: Your 2011 Marketing Plan.

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