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Exactly What to Say on the Phone: Part 1

Posted by Ilise Benun on

On Monday, October 25th, we are going to introduce the new 2011 Marketing Mentor eCalendar, which will merge with your calendar software to keep you on track with your marketing tasks. If you were following it today, it would remind you of these daily tasks:

• Prospecting Hour
• Social Networking

Today, Tom Tumbusch is going to share exactly what he says during prospecting hour, and tomorrow, he is going to share some helpful tips for making it your own. Ready?

Right now, when I do my prospecting (or research calling), I'm using a script that's based on the one found in Marketing Mentor Marketing Plan + Calendar, plus a bit of personalization. It goes something like this:

"Hi, this is Tom Tumbusch from WordStreamCopy. You don't know me, but I recently saw your work featured (name a specific place: in a book/news story/on their website). Have I caught you at a good time?"

Yes: "I work with creative agencies like yours to write copy for green companies, and I'd love to get on your radar should a need arise. Do you ever have a need for outside copywriters?"

The conversation proceeds from there. At the end of the call, whether or not there's an immediate need, I ask if I can add the contact to my monthly e-mail list. It still surprises me how often they say yes, and I'm finding that makes my follow-up calls go much more smoothly when I call back a few months later. Last week, a prospect who I've been in contact with for a year told me how much he enjoyed my newsletter, and he actually apologized that he hadn't sent me any work yet! (And here I was worried about being a pest.)

I also have a similar version of the script specifically for voice mail messages, which account for a large percentage of the calls you'll make (Martha Retallick says it's about 80%, and I've had much the same experience.) I actually get some response from voicemails, sometimes by email.

Stay tuned tomorrow for my thoughts on perfection, script-marriage, being Mr. Announcer, and how to respond to objections.

Special thanks to Tom N. Tumbusch, who writes copy for green businesses and creative agencies. Learn more about him at

And be sure to sign up for the free webcast on November 1st, Start NOW: Your 2011 Marketing Plan.

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