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Ever wonder what other creative businesses charge?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Do you want to know how your pricing stacks up to the competition? Or how much real clients are really paying for things like brochures, web design, identity programs, speechwriting, annual reports and ad campaigns?

It’s all divulged in the report, “How Much Would You Charge?” from one of our favorite resources, Creative Business.
In this report, you'll see exact, client accepted, estimates for each detailed project. And when it comes to project pricing, we’re not talking about crazy wide-ranging figures for hypothetical projects…

Cameron Foote, Editor of Creative Business, says:

Rather than presenting the hypothetical, we decided to share pricing of actual, client accepted jobs.

Further, we decided to select examples only from mid- to-high level freelancers and shops. We decided, in other words, to provide examples of typical pricing of first-class work, done by first-class operations, for first class clients—actual examples, which we modified only to ensure anonymity.

The intention is to provide you with benchmarks to use in determining realistic prices for similar work. Obviously, your prices may be more or less depending on your level of experience and talent, and the sophistication and needs of your clients.

See which projects are covered in the report in my latest Quick Tip, or buy it here.

The BONUS has been extended: If you download "How Much Would You Charge?" by Friday, August 27th, you will also get Options for Pricing Your Services. This article is a special preview of my new book, "The Creative Professional's Guide to Money," which will be released in Spring 2011.

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