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Email vs. IM vs. telephone

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

Web designer and blogger extraordinaire Dawud Miracle has an interesting guest post up at eMoms at Home about picking up the phone vs. relying overly on email as a way to communicate.

I’m wholly guilty of using email as a way to hide—er…communicate, and generally go to the phone as a last resort.

But today, dealing with a complex job request from a friend, I moved from email to telephone and even instant messaging to do the trick: email was good for forwarding a lot of text and links; IM did the trick to check in with the designer I wanted to refer my friend to; and telephone was great for…well, for when my fingers got tired.

Plus, it was really nice to hear my friend’s voice!

How do you handle your communications? Do you find yourself relying on one or two methods? Or are you good at mixing it up, situation-dependent?

And if so, pleeeeeease share your secrets for staying aware in the comments!

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