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Email marketing goodness

Posted by Colleen Wainwright on

We at the Marketing Mix Blog were thrilled to see that our pals at Emma got a mention in this month’s Inc. Magazine along with a nod as best design email provider.

No news to us, of course—Ilise sends out Quick Tips via Emma, and I use Emma for my own 99.99% non-sucky newsletter, communicatrix | focuses. Everything about the Emma experience is stylish and a prime example of good branding practices, from the copy on the website to the very consistent look across their communications. If you’re not a designer like me or Peleg, they’ll still whip up a tasty-looking template for you, either from materials you give them, or thin air.

But they especially shine when it comes to customer service—I’ve been told they fight over who gets to talk to me when I call! And hey, even if it’s not true, what a great story, huh?

If you’re interested in using Emma, consider signing up through Ilise & Peleg’s affiliate link. They get a little bump, and you’ll get 20% off your Emma service forever!

As for me, I just get that warm, fuzzy feeling of steering people in the right direction.

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