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Email can nurture your best clients

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Thanks to an email newsletter I received last Friday, anyone who signs up for this Thursday's webcast, Email and More: How to Attract Clients with Easy and Effective E-Marketing,
will hear me and my special guest Michael Katz, publisher of the Email Newsletter on Email Newsletters, critique and comment on sample email newsletters used by creatives around the country. (If you want yours critiqued, send it to me at by Wednesday.)

You see, it was Michael's latest email newsletter that triggered the idea to invite him to be my guest — this quotation in particular that made me pick up the phone and call: "As a professional service provider, the best clients you'll ever have are the ones who watch you for a long, long time before they call." I know it's true. People call me every day and say, "I've been reading you for a long time and now I'm ready for help." Those are the best clients.

Let us show you how to nurture that type of relationship with your best prospects. Join us live or listen later. Sign up here….

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