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Elsewhere: a morning-start poll

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Productivity/balance guru Jason Womack, a new acquaintance (real-life, anyway—I’ve "known" him around the blogosphere for awhile) has a deceptively simple poll up at his blog right now: how do you start your day?

The choices are pretty standard and simple. You know—check inbox; check voicemail; meditate and send greeting cards to five friends, colleagues or loved ones.

Of course that last was not really part of the poll. But someone had done it as a write-in in the comments section, which Jason had designated as the "other" option. And it made me think: how different would my life or my business be if I not only sent out five personal, handwritten notes per day, but did it before I did anything else—if I used it to set the tone for my day?

You can take the poll here, if you’re interested. Jason is collecting info to add to one of his seminars, and it will help him out.

But I’m curious now—what things do you all do differently, either to set the tone for your day or to shift your mood to a nicer or more productive one? One of my newer techniques is to make sure my work area is clear between every project I work on during the day; I also started lighting a candle at my workplace to indicate the start of work.

Do you have any rituals you’ve picked up over the years? How do they help you?

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