Driving a van full of tiny dogs


I had the opportunity to drive a rescue van full of adorable, tiny dogs from South Jersey to Pets Alive in New York State because I stepped away from the computer. It was part of a rescue for an amazing organization, Animal Aid USA, and I could not have been happier or more emotionally-moved during the experience.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I did this instead of working.

Know why I love Ilise’s recommendation for avoiding overwhelm so much? Because it gives me permission to peace-out when I’ve completed my Rule of 3. My chiropractor has already told me, “Less sitting and less typing!” Now I can adhere to both doctors’ orders. (Yes, Illise is definitely my Marketing Doctor.)

Have you done your three things today? Then you’re free to do something else you love! (And I bet your back, neck and shoulders will also be happy.)

Know what’s weird about feeling like there’s not enough time? Somehow doing something nice—for ourselves or others—seems to make time expand. Have you ever noticed that?

Want to see that movie or get your nails done?

Want to play with some kittens at your local shelter or plant a tree?

Want to meander around the farmers market and taste-test olives?

Just go do it. As long as we’ve followed the Rule of 3, Ilise says we can!

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*Tiny dog photo, courtesy, Shutterstock.