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Don’t Assume Anything

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Have you ever reached out to a prospect and not heard back?

Well, I just got this message from the infamous and generous Jim Gorman (who has shared his proposals and words of wisdom with us over the years).

Jim had met a prospect at a conference last year. He tried several times to reach out—“via emails, phone calls, and even an actual honest-to-God letter. No dice. His admin wouldn’t let me through. He never returned an email.”

But a couple weeks ago, Jim saw something in the news about the company, and he heard my voice in his head and this is what he did….

So I fired off a short email of congrats and received an answer within a couple minutes suggesting that he’d like to have a call…Interestingly, he remembered all of my previous communications and even parroted back some of the things I’d said…like not wanting to stalk him. He said I wasn’t and seemed favorably impressed with my persistence.

This prospect had clearly gotten those emails and just didn’t write back! The lesson? Don’t assume they’re not getting your message just because they don’t respond.

Don’t assume nothing is happening.

As a matter of fact, don’t assume anything at all.

You can’t possibly know what’s happening unless you KNOW. Until you have a definitive yes or no from a prospect, keep expressing your interest.

I see creatives making assumptions all the time. Do you make assumptions too?

Some assumptions are optimistic. Maybe you assume the job is yours because the conversation went well. Then you end up disappointed when it’s not. Or maybe you assume the worst? That nobody is getting back to you because (insert any number of reasons here).

Don’t waste your time assuming things. Just keep reaching out. Be persistent—because one thing you can assume—is that persistence is the only thing that pays off.

Have a success story about persistence? Email it to me. I’d love to know.

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