Don’t alienate customers with “money talk”

In my recent article for QRCA Views, I talked about the right time and manner to discuss money in a way that will build trust instead of alienate customers. Here’s an excerpt:

Conversations with new prospects usually begin very positively. They are interested in your services, and you are eager to learn about their projects. You ask a lot of questions to gather the objectives and other requisite information. The more you talk, the stronger the bond you forge and the better your chances of a successful project. None of this can happen without the back and forth of conversation.

These initial conversations, including and particularly “the money conversation,” set the foundation and build the trust necessary to ensure a solid business relationship. The money conversation, however, can be challenging.

Consultants and clients alike are not always comfortable talking money. What is the best way to broach the subject? Will you bring it up, or will they? Should you talk numbers before writing a proposal, or use the proposal to position and provide context for your price? Should you ask for the client’s budget, or simply provide a price for your level of service? And what if the client does not have a budget, or will not reveal it to you?

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Listen to the interview on this topic.

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