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Dog as Marketing Tool (Part 2)

Posted by Ilise Benun on

If you’ve heard me speak about creating your 10-word blurb, then you’ve probably heard me refer to a lawyer who doesn’t just say he’s a lawyer, but instead says he practices, "Hoboken law" (which usually piques the curiosity of his listener — which is exactly the point of a 10-word blurb.

Well, last week I ran into that lawyer (Frank is his name) and we chatted a bit about marketing, of course. And he told me that his best marketing tool is his dog, Roxy. He displays a photo of her on his homepage and when clients call they tell him they called him instead of another lawyer because of the dog! "We like that you have a dog on the web site," is literally what they say.

That’s when I remembered seeing another dog on a web site for a design firm, Blackwell and Co., not too long ago. (Check out Gracie Lou, Morale Officer, here.

So now we’re revamping the Marketing Mentor web site and I wonder: Should we include my dog, Charlie and Peleg’s dog, Sabrina in our "Team" section? What do you think of that when others do it?

Also, you can read Dog as Marketing Tool Part 1 here.

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