Does your newsletter make sense?

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The goal of a newsletter is to show your benefits—in a way that makes sense to your audience. I like this recent newsletter, from Stephanie Helline of Strategic Design Studio, because it demonstrates how her “virtual agency” benefits the client in a way they can relate to. Here’s an excerpt:

Hand-picked Talent for Your Project
Let’s say you’re making a blueberry pie. What would you rather do? Pick the ripest, most delicious blueberries from your back yard, or use frozen, store-bought berries? Pick ‘em, right?

The same goes for creative talent. Some of the most talented strategists, marketing experts, writers, photographers and PR execs we know used to work in agencies, fortune 500 companies, and corporate America. But now they work on their own—where their talent is up for grabs.

Today’s lightning-speed connectivity puts all the ripest blueberries in our backyard—even if they’re miles across the ocean. And who benefits the most? The clients.

For the past four years, we’ve been hand-picking creative teams to ensure the perfect fit for our clients’ specific projects. We have relationships with many other independent communications consultants and creative professionals with a broad array of experience. If a new need arises for our clients, we can pull in those resources.

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