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Does your medium work for your message?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Like most of us doing business these days, I’m a big fan of the PDF. They’re quick, fast and, if you’re obsessed with slapping your logo on everything (fax cover sheets! invoices! estimates!), they’re a cheap way to brand in four-color.

But sending everything electronically has a downside, too. I’ve noticed that emailed invoices tend to get ‘lost’ more often than snail-mailed ones. And then there’s the sheer joy of getting mail: the postcard I got from Peleg while he and Ilise were doing AWAI in Florida made my week. Pretty as my PDFs are, I might have to take a look at doing more postcarding and mailing, especially with the holidays coming up.

After all, it’s hard to send chocolate via email.

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