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Does your email say “open me”?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

We love email marketing. We love Emma for email marketing. And we love Emma’s blog for email marketing best practices. We love them so much we offer a partner discount of 20% off “everything Emma.” 

On the Emma blog, Matt McCutchan shares five effective subject lines that defy conventional wisdom – and they really do! Even though they might go against the rules, they stood out in his inbox and made him open the message. He says:

If you’ve ever seen tips for writing an effective subject line or maybe even attended a conference about email marketing best practices, you’ve probably been advised to abide by a certain set of tried-and-true principles.

First, the experts often say, include your company or brand name so that the mailing becomes instantly trusted and recognizable. Next, keep it short to make the most of the fixed space for subject lines in most email clients and webmail applications. And lastly, use the subject line to highlight the most important part of your campaign message and get your readers to click.

These are great guidelines and are always a helpful place to start. But it’s worth going your own route sometimes, too. I’ve recently noticed five subject lines in my inbox that have seemingly ignored or temporarily kicked conventional wisdom to the curb, yet still grabbed my attention…

See them here:

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