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Does this sound familiar?

Posted by Ilise Benun on


Photographer, JC Candanedo (aka Grey Pistachio) had been reaching out to a potential client but getting no response. He decided to stop reaching out…until he read my recent post, Don’t Assume Anything.

JC says, “I realized that my assumption was making me self-boycott my business.”

In his blog post about the experience, Assumption Is The Mother Of All Mistakes, JC describes a feeling that I think is common to so many creatives:

I was convinced that the only reason why this potential client was not replying to my contact attempts was because they didn’t want to work with me. I am not good enough, my work is crap, nobody knows who I am, I don’t have enough following on social media… All the ghosts in my head materialized and made me formulate my assumption. And it’s not that these might not be valid reasons, but my insecurities blinded me from seeing all the other reasons why they were not getting back to me: wrong timing, too much workload, forgetfulness…

Sounds a lot like the “inner critic” Danny Gregory wrote about in his new book, “Shut Your Monkey” — we discussed that in our #HOWLive podcast recently too.

What’s next for JC? He says, “I will keep on trying until they tell me ‘no’… because until that happens, there is always the possibility for a ‘yes’.”

He is absolutely right. And you should keep on trying too.

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