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Do your prospects think you’re too small for their job?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

In one of my Advanced Marketing Group conference calls recently, we had a fabulous and generous guest, Heathere Evans-Keenan, of, speak to the group on how to position yourself and your services as a virtual team so you don't miss out on the larger projects.

Julia Reich, of Julia Reich Design, wrote up a summary of what she learned on that call. Here's an excerpt:

We invited Heathere to join us to discuss the notion of running a virtual agency, whereby teams of high-level talent are custom-assembled for each client and project, teams that may be geographically remote from the team leader, the client, and each other – and how to unabashedly and eloquently introduce and explain the clear benefits of this concept to our clients, prospects, and referral partners.

Read the rest here.

And I have 2 spots open in the Advanced Marketing Group that starts next week (Wed. Oct 6), so if you wonder if it's for you, check out details here or fill out this form and we'll see.


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