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Do you use the generic message?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

What do you say when inviting someone to connect on LinkedIn? Do you use the generic message, or create one of your own?

Reaching out on LinkedIn is simply about connecting, not necessarily getting work. Sure, you might want the connection to lead to work, but it’s all about building a relationship. And a relationship always starts with a conversation.

Here are two recent LinkedIn invitations that I accepted:

“Hello Ilise, My partners and I are in the process of opening a new venture in New York, so I’m just connecting to see if we might have any opportunities to work together on various areas, such as marketing, branding, recruitment etc. Regards.”

“Hello, how are you? We are both in the Spark group. I’m a boutique printer in NYC. I print for many of the Spark members. Do you do any print purchasing for your clients? Maybe I can send some samples of our work. Have a good weekend.”

Want to build meaningful relationships online?

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