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Do you really need the new 30 Minutes/Day Marketing Plan for 2016?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

I got this question from a few people yesterday when I sent out the Black Friday Sale announcement to pre-order the new 2016 marketing plan for creative professionals:

Last year I bought your 2015 Marketing Plan + eCalendar, although I didn’t really use it. How is the new 30 Minutes/Day Marketing Plan for 2016 different and do I need it?

2016 30-Minutes/Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals

One thing you’ll notice right away is that there is much more to it. Weighing in at 300+ pages, it is designed beautifully (by Maureen Adamo) and meant to be read on the screen.

Here’s how else it’s different:

  • The NEW 2016 plan offers 4 options, depending on where you are in your business, and gives you appropriate tasks as you move through each stage. (The 2015 plan is one-size-fits-all.)
  • The NEW 2016 plan lets you work at your own pace – in 30 minutes a day chunks. So it is more flexible and you can adjust your activities based on what your business needs at any given moment: new clients, more focus or clarity, to generate content, etc. (The 2015 plan is tied to a weekly calendar assigning you one marketing tool per day.)
  • The NEW 2016 plan emphasizes the latest marketing trend: content marketing, offering ideas and guidance on how to tap into your content, what formats to use and how to find the places your content belongs. (The 2015 plan doesn’t focus on content marketing.)
  • The NEW 2016 plan offers tools & inspiration via interviews with and examples of other creative pros using the tools. (The 2015 plan focuses on only practical marketing tools.)
  • The NEW 2016 plan includes short videos where I show you how to take the actions. (The 2015 plan doesn’t go into this much depth – and there was no video!)

So do you need the new plan?

If the 2015 plan is working for you, stick with it. (Or if it sounds like what you need, you can still buy it here.)

But if you want to try a new and different approach, or if you need to amp up your content marketing, the new 30 Minutes/Day Marketing Plan for Creative Professionals  will be an excellent investment.

Watch this video for a sneak peek at what you get.

Ready? Go ahead and pre-order it now and you’ll immediately receive 3 sample “package pricing” proposals. we’ll send you the plan as soon as it is ready – in plenty of time to kick off 2016.

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