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Do you miss peer-to-peer contact?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Last week, Peleg and I gave our new workshop, Proposals That Get You The Job, in New York to a group of 15 small business owners. (We’re giving it again in LA this Monday, Oct 22 and there are a few spots left. More info here.

We covered a lot of material and the group answered lots of questions on topics that ranged from marketing to pricing. But what surprised us most — what almost all participants said when we asked them why they had attended — was that they craved the experience of sitting with a group of peers and discussing their business issues. In fact, one of the participants commented on how open everyone was sharing proprietary information about their prospecting and proposal process; there was no competitive feeling in the room, and that’s unusual.

What about you? If you work independently, what is missing for you and how do you satisfy that craving?

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