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Do you just accept requests on LinkedIn?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Hi, I’m Deidre. In my posts, I talk about my voyage down the road of self-employment as a web copywriter, my achievements and roadblocks along the way, and what I’m learning as I go (with Marketing Mentor as my guide).

I’m in the habit of telling myself things that simply aren’t true—and fully, deeply believing them.

  • Chocolate is essentially a vegetable.
  • When driving, yellow lights mean go.
  • People who send LinkedIn requests just want to connect—nothing more.

See, I used to just accept those “I’d like to add you to my network” LinkedIn requests and not think much of it besides, Cool, this person wants to connect with me! I figured the requesters just knew someone I knew. Or wanted to connect for the future. I never considered that they could be great prospects or awesome people who might want to work with me. But they are!

When Ilise admitted to being a LinkedIn slut, it occurred to me that maybe this was an opportunity (duh, Deidre). So lately, whenever someone sends a connection request, I look at their profile, check out their website and send them a personal message. I thank them for connecting, share something relevant and offer help should they ever need it.

Every time I’ve done this—it has turned into an email conversation. Most times, it’s turned into an awesome prospect and a phone call. And frequently, it’s turned into work.

Turns out, the request is an invitation to reach out. A LinkedIn request, like a yellow light, means go.

Am I the only one who took years to realize this?

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