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Do you have your tools ready for 2010?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Today is the first day of the 2010 Marketing Plan + Calendar –  a plan that is designed to keep you on track with your marketing and help you grow your business in the year ahead.
Do you have yours yet?
If you do, you’ve got everything you need to help your business grow week by week, and to find great clients this year.
If you don’t have yours yet – here’s what you could be doing this week:
Whether you are a Beginner, or you are Advanced, first things come first. This week’s priority is to research, choose, and focus on your market. This way, your efforts in 2010 will be aimed at the people who will be most open to your services.
The 2010 Calendar is updated and revised. It now includes recaps at the end of each month to track your progress, and a LinkedIn Group where you can brainstorm with your fellow creatives.
Get your copy here – and get your 2010 started on the right foot.

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