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Do you have two productivity personalities?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Has this ever happened to you? Something is on your list … and you’re dreading it. It looms. Time passes, and you continue to avoid it. One to-do list item is suddenly a huge, annoying issue.

When this happens to me, there are two very clear opponents in my head, and they argue: 

Credit: Illustration by Kelsey Grafton

• Avoider Ilise: “This is going to take 8 hours if I want to do it perfectly. And it’s got to be perfect! I don’t have time for that right now. I’m just going to do this other stuff that comes more easily.”

• Productive Ilise: “Come on, Ilise. You know this will take 30 minutes and you’ll do a good enough job. You’re spending so much time dreading this, and you could have had it finished by now. You’re turning this into huge thing, and it’s not!”

How to deal? The trick is to break it down. Breaking the task down into smaller steps will force you to realize that it’s not a huge or overwhelming task.

Summer is a good time to deal with these hidden issues because for most of us, things are a bit quieter. Imagine what would be possible if our two sides stopped arguing? Let’s use our slow time to advance our productivity.

Want to end unproductiveness for good? Watch this video where Ed Gandia and I discuss productivity! 

To get inspired today, check out this Pinterest board where I'm collecting resources and tools for productivity.

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