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Do You Have to Love What You Do?

Posted by Ilise Benun on


When a client asked me if she should be more excited about her healthcare clients and their catheters and other medical devices, I suggested we do a podcast to explore her questions:

  • What if you’d rather eat paste than read the blogs within your target market?
  • If you’re not that excited about your current market, is that a reason to change?
  • Should you be passionate about everything you do?
  • How can you fully use your creativity and talents in a market that isn’t exciting?

Listen to the answers here.

This interview came to mind last week when I was preparing for my Live Q&A Interview with Jason Fried, founder of Basecamp, (on stage at HOW Design Live on Wed. May 6). He wrote an Inc. Magazine column entitled, “The Fallacy of Love What You Do.” I loved the subhead: Why one of the most repeated pieces of career advice is completely bogus.

I shared my take on Jason’s article and this topic today in a post on LinkedIn.

Come hear me and Jason discuss this and much more at HOW Design Live, May 4-8 in Chicago. Use my promo code, “MENTOR” for $50 off.

*Illustration by Ian Keith.

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