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Do you have the “entrepreneur” gene? Chat with Inc. Mag Editor in Chief

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Inc Mag Editor + Aaron Price

I do love a good meetup! And the NJ Tech Meetup is one of the best ones, thanks to organizer, Aaron Price, who keeps it lively and keeps everyone networking.

I especially love the 1 minute critiques of the 3 people who get up and pitch their business ideas and companies. We all learn from their experience, and that’s a sign of a good event, in my opinion.

In fact one of the companies pitched a marketplace for freelancers – check out And another was — donate healthy food for the hungry here.

Last night’s guest for the Fireside Chat was Eric Schurenberg, President and Editor in Chief of Inc. Magazine, who thinks entrepreneurship is genetic and he shared a fact to support that: the best predictor of whether you will become an entrepreneur is whether your parents were. (Mine were!)

He debunked a few of the myths about entrepreneurship:

  • That anyone can do it
  • That it’s easy
  • That it’s glamorous

Schurenberg says it’s definitely easier than it used to be because the costs of going into business have plummeted. And it’s a life path that the economy desperately needs people to take.

But it is a daunting challenge that requires fortitude, perseverance and leadership. That’s where Inc. Magazine comes in – one of their goals is to make a difference to help people realize their dreams and succeed.

Here’s the question I asked at the very end: “How do you and Inc. Magazine see and address the needs of freelancers or solopreneurs as that market grows?”Try watching it here. Or hear his answer when the video is posted here….(in the meantime, check out the past meetup videos.)

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