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Do you have a favicon?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

Take a look at your list of bookmarks or favorites. What do you see?

The title of the site and maybe a tiny image on the left? That’s called a favicon and it just may be the world’s smallest self promotion tool.

Some sites have them; others don’t. Maybe you’ve wondered where to get one?

Blogger blogs automatically have this one

…and Typepad blogs have this one.

Ours is a mini-logo.

Alan Seiden uses his photo (which, surprisingly, works).

And here’s an article he wrote on how to make favicons.

And one more interesting article on the design of favicons:

“…the design of Favicons can be tricky – it isn’t that easy to create a beautiful 16×16px mini-icon. Still, some designers manage to achieve tremendous effects. Logotypes with clear geometric structures are easier to work with than typefaces or abstract images.”

Read more here.

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