“Do what you love”—pipe dream or real possibility?



Did you get over it and just pick your niche already? I hope so because in my personal-website-revamp-journey inspired by my free report, Get Your Website Done: 12 Actionable Steps for Designers, it’s time for step #2: Define your services.

We need to make what we do crystal clear. As service providers though, what we do actually goes much deeper than “I make websites.” In addition to defining our services/deliverables, we also have to define what our clients are getting out of them—a.k.a. the benefits!

For example, someone who provides massage therapy also provides stress relief, increased blood flow, etc…

But before we get to that, let’s start with what I think is the most important question.

What do you enjoy doing? What are you best at? I’m starting with these questions because life is too short to do something you hate. To be a successful creative, you don’t have to do every type of graphic design there is. You should do fulfilling work that you enjoy. As long as there’s a market for what you love doing (and there probably is), focus on that. Hate logos? Hate websites? Hate annual reports? Don’t do ’em! Do work you love and sell it to ideal clients who need it. I love websites. I absolutely love taking a beautiful design and translating it for the web. I dislike logos—and saying no to logo design feels damn good. I’m happier since specializing and I know you will be too.

As long as you’re thinking about your ideal clients, I believe there’s plenty of room for doing what you love.

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