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Do typos matter?

Posted by Ilise Benun on

This is the question our client, Bob Bly, asked on his blog last week and it stirred up a lot of response.

Technical difficulties prevented me posting on Bob’s blog, so here’s my own response:

I’ve becoming more forgiving about typos lately, mostly because I am also guilty of them, thanks so to the speed of the work and lack of close enough attention. But many people I speak to are very militant about typos and consider even one a black strike against a business, using it to decide against making contact, especially when there is very little other information to balance with.

You can try posting your own response here, or leave your thoughts in the comments and we’ll get our own discussion going.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jon Selikoff for pointing out the typo in my own post about typos. Which I meant to do, of course. Yeah…that’s the ticket…


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