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Do I offer business coaching? Yes, I do.

Posted by Ilise Benun on

For 2014, one of my goals is to add “business coaching” to the list of services I offer.

It's actually something I've been doing for a while—when my clients have non-marketing-related issues, we address them—I just haven't promoted it.

So what exactly does business coaching deal with? In a word, everything you need to put in place before you start looking for new clients, even if you’ve already been in business for 10 years!

It includes your "standard operating procedures" and setting a strong foundation for your business.
With all my resources, I can help you:

• set boundaries with clients Shutterstock_147276998
• put the right contracts and agreements in place
• implement systems and policies for how you do things
• apply your own personal values to your business
• develop a pricing strategy
• ensure your time management and productivity are supporting your goals

This is all an outgrowth of the curriculum-building I’ve been doing for the Freelancers Union’s new event series, Freelance 360. Check out the upcoming events on Jan. 21st in New York and Jan 23rd in Portland. 

If you've been putting off your marketing because you need to focus first on developing the structure your business needs to be successful, sign up for my free session.

* Coaching image, courtesy, Shutterstock.

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