Do corporations have the biggest budgets?

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking part in the Function Fox podcast, Grill the Pricing Experts, with Cameron Foote, and Emily Ruth Cohen.

Among the many topics we discussed, we explored the question of which clients have the most money to spend. I have clients who often assume that corporations have the most money, and are then offered very low budgets compared to what they imagined.

I asked my co-presenters for their take on this question:

Are corporations where the money is?

The answer might surprise you.

We also discussed how sometimes, big companies seem to “dangle the golden carrot” to get you to do the work at a lower price—promising great exposure and future work. We talked about whether or not this pays off in the long run.

You’ll also get answers to these questions:
• What hourly rates should creatives be charging?
• Is pricing any different for people who call themselves "freelancers"?
• Where is the balance between having a pricing structure in place and negotiating on a case by case basis?
• When you price for nonprofits, do you have to charge lower fees?"

Listen the podcast here.